The Salesforce Platform and Your Business

Salesforce Platform

What is Salesforce?

When we type “Customer Relationship Management” or even just “CRM” into Google, one of the first results we get pertains to Salesforce, and for good reason…  Salesforce is the number one CRM in the world. Not only does Salesforce operate as an SaaS (software as a service), it also provides users use as a PaaS (platform as a service). One of the best parts about the Salesforce platform is an unparalleled level of customizability where you can build your applications, according to your business needs.  

In this post, we will go into greater detail on the Salesforce platform.

Salesforce Platform

The Salesforce platform, also known as the “lightning platform”, can help you build some of the most innovative applications required by your business. Let’s say you don’t have much coding knowledge, can you still create an application on the Salesforce platform? Yes! This is because much of the work needed often just requires the user to use their innovative “point and click” interface. Do you happen to have coding knowledge? Great! The Salesforce platform also supports the programmatic way of customizing applications, and interactions between any third-party applications.

Seamless Integration

We’ve already talked about the programmatic way of accessing other third-party applications, but in some cases such as in Gmail and Outlook, Salesforce allows us to interact with our calendar, contacts, as well as task and event applications on Outlook and Gmail with a simple point and click. Another example of seamless third-party application integration is if you happen to be maintaining an accounting system separately, you can connect that system into Salesforce for data exchanges.

Integrate with Open Frameworks

Do you happen to desire building you app on another framework or language such as Ruby, Java, PHP, etc and want to be sure the data flows into Salesforce? Salesforce can do that too! With the help of the unique Heroku platform, you can run, deploy, and manage any enterprise app in whichever language you’d like. You can even integrate those applications directly into Salesforce! Through microservice applications in Heroku, you can also get data from IoT devices pushed directly into Salesforce!

Collaborate with Salesforce Products

Let us say you have created your own application on the Salesforce platform, can you now also use standard CRM functionality or some of the products like Einstein Analytics etc? Yes! You will have access to all the offerings that Salesforce is providing to its products.

App Exchange

Now, let’s say you have successfully built the application and want to share it with those who are involved in the same type of business as yours. Salesforce provides the #1 Enterprise app store for such app distribution, and you can even monetise it! You can even look for other apps that are already distributed in AppExchange that may be suited for your own business process.


Salesforce is a powerful platform that can help you create innovative and specialized apps for your business. This platform typically receives three releases in a year, and Salesforce continues to consistently update their offerings as a platform. Recently, Salesforce has even announced the launch of their blockchain platform to facilitate building blockchain networks.

Finally, for Commodity Execution and Risk Management, we here at Commodity CRM have created a customizable application on the Salesforce platform which covers all aspects of  the Commodity and Contract Management business. Interested in learning more? Checkout our AppExchange link:

The Salesforce Platform and Your Business
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